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Do you have some images you want to improve, retouch, or re-imagine? Then, look no further because our clipping path service is here to put an end to your worries. As your trusted clipping path service provider, we take pride in our acclaimed powerhouse of image-editing team that continues to meet the needs and expectations of our clients here and beyond.

Our clipping path company specializes in providing beautifully and perfectly rendered images in your preferred color scheme according to your standards and requirements. Whether you are looking for professional photos for your brand campaigns, flawless images for your ecommerce site, eye-catching family photos for your photography business, or anything in between, you can count on us to render the kind of results you are looking for. We can combine our clipping path service with other services to ensure that your photos will look the very best they can be.

Professional Clipping Path Service

Another name for clipping path is deep etch. It is an editing process whereby paths are created around the subject of a photo. You may be asking why path needs to be created around a photo’s subject. There are times when objects will have to be separated from an image background in order to have them removed or changed. Through such technique, it becomes easy to edit any photo after having to cut out its image.

Where is a clipping actually required?

It is very common for the background of an unwanted image to be changed. Therefore, clipping is regularly used. In case you happen to be an online retailer who wants to increase sales and conversion rates through improved product images, this technique will play a very crucial role in such process. It can be used to tweak the background of any product image in various ways. For instance, it gives you the freedom of changing the colors of such product with the aim of having a version that is unique and different. This is means you won’t have to go through the stress of shooting different versions manually.

CutThePhoto has proven to be an expert company when it comes to hand drawn clipping path service. You will be getting nothing short of the best of services due to our high level of expertise in rendering deep etch services.

Levels of Deep Etch Service Complexity: How Much Should I Pay?

Basic Deep Etching Service

Basic Deep Etching Service

This is not just the easiest but also the most the affordable amongst other options when it comes to creating paths around a photo’s subject. Solid objects can be removed with few curved edges. The basic deep etching technique is used here. It is usually a great option for products such as simple canisters, balls, books, framed art, and smartphones.

Simple Deep Etching Service

As compared to the basic deep etching explained above, this seems to be more difficult even though it can be created without wasting time. Also, the cost/price is higher. In this process of editing, objects with more edges can be removed. It is usually perfect for objects which have holes. An example can be a necklace or ring. Through this form of editing, it becomes easy to tweak the backgrounds of items like furniture, vehicles, jewelry and others.

Medium Deep Etching Service

This usually has to do with objects which are characterized by complicated edges. This category of clipping path service is always difficult since different paths will have to be merged together after being created for the final result to be achieved. As expected, clipping paths like these usually command higher prices as compare to the basic and simple clipping paths being explained above. It is a great option to explore when you have the background of a simple item removed.
Complex Deep Etching Service

Complex Deep Etching Service

Objects with multiple holes and complicated edges will go through this process. It can also involve multiple objects and those with different levels of transparency. This form of clipping can be very costly due to the amount of time required to get each task completed. Complex clipping paths are required for animals with hair or fur. It can also be perfect for complex products, multiple groupings, and images with models.

Multiple Deep Etching Service

These are complex or complicated clipping paths with extra paths which have been crafted carefully within a particular product. Through multiple clipping paths, you won’t need to bother about re-shooting in order to change a product’s color or correct shadows especially in any part of such image. This form of deep etching is perfect for complicated products or a situation whereby product regrouping is required for change/correction of color.
Super Complex Deep Etching Service

Super Complex Deep Etching Service

There are objects that may require lots of individual clipping paths. In this case, multiple or complex simple technique explained above won’t have much impact as expected. When product images seem tough and complicated, super complex clipping techniques will be required to make them look perfect. Please note that the cost for this process is very high as compared to others explained above. For optimal results to be achieved, image masking may also be used. It is usually recommended for furniture pieces characterized by multiple cut-outs, highly complex jewelry, grouping of furry items, pet crates.

Get Our Professional Clipping Path Service and Grow Your Business

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What Is the Meaning of Photoshop Clipping Technique?

It is a form of cutout that is very popular. In this process of editing, unwanted objects or items are removed from an image in order to make it appear more presentable. CutThePhoto is a company with some of the best hands. They understand how pen tool can be applied professionally around any object in order to remove its background. This process is similar to using the cutter to cut something.

Once it has been completed, such object will become very noticeable since unwanted items have been removed. Ecommerce images need clipping paths in order to boost conversions. One of the major advantage that deep etching offers is that it gives you freedom of having images manipulated. You can decided to use one image for different backgrounds to get better results in your business. It gives you the rare chance of making more sales.

Clipping Path Service Provider

Who Actually Needs Clipping Path Services?

After photo – shoots have been completed in large or small volume, the next step will be to have such images returned to clients. Deep etching editing will be required during such post-production process/stage. In case you don’t know how this can be done in the most professional manner, CutThePhoto professionals can help you solve such problem without breaking a sweat.

Every professional photographer usually hire the services of experts when it comes to photo editing via Clipping Path Photoshop. This means they have time for more important matters that can make their businesses grow and become more competitive. You don’t have the needed time required for professional image retouching and editing?

It may shock you to know that most of the major companies online make use of clipping path service. These are brands like Etsy, E-bay, Amazon, Alibaba, Aliexpress and may others. Through simple clipping paths, sales will increase beyond your imagination. There is a positive relationship between deep etching services and ecommerce businesses.

Cut The Photo is a company which understands how your business operates with regards to requirements and pressure. We will offer you affordable pricing as well as expert Photoshop Clipping Path services that will be within your budget. There is no doubt that you will definitely be amazed at our expert editing and quick turnaround. With us around, your business will grow significantly. This is because you can channel your effort, time and resources towards other projects.

How Clipping Path Photoshop Works

In order to ensure that an image’s background is accurately removed, you need the help of a professional company which understands how to use pen tool. There are some steps involved for this tool to be successfully used especially in the case of product photography. In order to ensure that deep etching serviceis carried out in the most timely and accurate manner, we have some of the best hands on ground.

It doesn’t really matter whether your image is complex, medium, or simple as they will help out in the best way possible. We have the most experienced editors. In order for professional editing process to be carried out, they will first ensure your image is carefully analyzed to know the required steps that need to be taken.

Why Photoshop Clipping Path is Important?

Photoshop Deep etching is required in order for an image’s background to be removed. In case you have image and would like them edited, this service will help your products look more appealing. Furthermore, every online retailing store and photographer need deep etching services for images to be cutout. It is the perfect way to manipulate images.

Why Should You Outsource Clipping Path Service from Cut The Photo

We have some of the best graphic designers in the industry with vast level of experience (7-10). They understand how to use Photoshop Pen Tool in producing images that are of very high quality. We can zoom up to 300% during the process of editing to ensure each pixel counts.

Our mission is to meet the photo editing needs of every client without any compromise. As an expert Clipping Path Service Provider, we do understand how to render the best of services. Our prices are also highly competitive. You can be rest assured that no other company offers such prices for professional deep etching services. Imagine being able to save up 30% while having access to high quality edited images. Our delivery of edited photos is also very timely. You can get started today by contacting us. We are always available on 24/7 basis to answer any of your questions.

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