Photoshop Shadow Adding Service

Image Natural Shadow or Image Shadow Adding Service manipulates an image. It is very common and used quite frequently by people. Applying a shadow to a picture makes it look more natural. It also helps in improving the look of the image. This service allows a person to include a drop shadow. Photoshop Drop Shadow adds depth to the image and makes it stand out. An image instantly comes to life, when a shadow is added to the bottom or the back of the picture. Image drop shadow also adds depth to the picture along with texture. This technique makes the picture very attractive.

Product Shadow Creation: Photoshop Drop Shadow/ Reflection shadow/ Natural shadow

Adding shadow to the images makes it more realistic. CutThePhoto provides multiple types of product shadows services, these are:

1.Drop Shadow Photoshop

Drop shadow is a famous technique applied on a number of products, as it replicates direct sunlight from above. Drop shadow is a service provided by Photoshop. It is used to enhance the quality of the picture. A picture becomes a hundred times more attractive when a shadow is added to it.

Drop Shadow is amongst the first-class service provided by Adobe Photoshop. It is slowly become very famous year by year. Usually, a clipping path service is used to extract the picture from the background. This process is never enough to make the image look fantastic. A lot more editing is needed to make the image stand out.

If you want your photos to look natural and professional, then Clipping Photoshop service will be perfect for you. However, if you want the image to look flawless and stunning, then image masking service will be used. Our experts specialize in fulfilling their client’s requirement. They are also good at adding a realistic shadow. Moreover, Drop Shadow can also be added to make your images attractive, natural and perfect.

Photoshop Drop Shadow Services

Photoshop Drop Shadow Services:

An image can be edited according to the client’s need after it’s removed from the background. Images on paper can get spoilt with time once they are exposed to the outside environment. They should be kept safe and clean at all times.

A drop shadow service includes:

  1. Creation of drop shadow
  2. Removal of drop shadow through Photoshop
  3. Adding a shadow in Photoshop
  4. Applying shadow on an object in Photoshop.
  5. Separation of shadow and layer in Photoshop.
  6. Applying shadow to texts in Photoshop

2. Natural Shadow Photoshop

The most realistic shadow placed on a product is called a natural shadow. Trying to photograph natural shadow in the shooting is the best idea. However, for some products, this is a very difficult thing to do.

In footwear photography, Natural Shadow is slightly easier to achieve. With proper planning and Photoshop techniques, a natural shadow can be applied. This process will make the footwear look more professional.

The best method to generate natural shadow is by using a light source when photographing the actual product. All you need to do is place the light source towards the side of the product. The light source could be natural or artificial. If you still can’t create natural shadow through lightning techniques, allow CutThePhoto to step in. We will make sure a perfect and realistic natural shadow is applied for you using Photoshop.

Photoshop Natural Shadow Service
Reflection Shadow Photoshop

3. Reflection Shadow Photoshop

Reflection shadow gives a mirror effect on the product. It looks as if the product is placed on a reflective surface. This technique enhances the look of the photo and makes it look like it belongs to an area, and not floating in an empty space.

This shadow gives a dramatic effect to photos. If you want the object to stand out amongst the products of competitors, then you need to give this method a shot. It’s perfect for products present in bright stores having reflective surfaces. The products can be sunglasses, jewelry etc.

It is very vital to have knowledge of light control and shape of the image. This helps prevent reflections and other obstructions e.g. light spots. Reflective shadow service is time-consuming and a bit pricey. However, potential clients of CutThePhoto should not worry. We will provide exceptional service that too, at a low cost.

Drop Shadow Service for E-Commerce Product

In the layout of images, drop shadow plays a very important role. It gives a shadow effect to the object, making it appear raised as compared to other items. Photoshop Drop Shadow makes the product look appealing and high quality. The process is carried out in a dark area and light is blocked by the help of an opaque object. Our designer will create a drop shade according to the client’s need. The system will then change it into an actual shape.

Why Choose Drop Shadow Service at Cut The Photo?

Very skilled graphic designers are hired by CutThePhoto. Drop shadow service is not an easy task and requires skilled designers, which CutThePhoto has. We guarantee high-quality service for any kind of photograph. We give equal priority and work hard on all projects given to us by our clients. We offer services:

  • Low in cost
  • The expert team consisting of 30+ designers
  • Fast delivery to meet deadlines early
  • Quality work and support