What is Background Removal Service?

Background Removal Service is a unique technique used for image manipulation. With this technique, one can erase or remove background that is unwanted from an image. Take, for instance; you took a shot of a particular product amid other products gathered with it while marketing a product for an e-commerce site. It wasn’t your intention at first,but with the situation on the ground, you need to find a way to distinguish the image from others.

How Does Our Background Removal Service Work?

This service helps with the process of taking out the background from an image to erase the unwanted part which isn’t needed. It is essential while publishing photos on e-commerce websites. Removal of experiencefrom images is with the idea of changing the whole picture and making it look beautifulto catch viewers or customers attention.CutThePhoto offers the best background removal service you can get around. They can cut out your images with great techniques that brings your pictures to perfectness. The good part of it all is that our charges are so reasonable and affordable. It is because we believe that customers are the key to any successful business and that makes our customers satisfaction our priority. What we do is try to cut out the lifeless background away from the real photo, then our professionals apply some of thebest techniques around to give it an excellent look. There might be some circumstances whereby you need to showcase a tremendous looking college or illustration images to someone. If taken from a digital camera,there isa tendency that the shadow and lighting will come with poor quality. The best thing one can dois to add value and color to the photo.

Background Removal Service

Image background remove service is also known as photo cut out service. We usually use an editing background remover to carry out this task. In a simple term, it gives us the privilege to add or remove the background of an image depending on what we care to use it for as at that particular moment. In most cases, customers can ask you to fix their product on a white background as a fashion photographer. There are many techniques to carry out this even though it has to acknowledge that the majority of them are very troubling and can end up taking most of your time. For some years now, varieties of experiments have been carried out to achieve the post-processing of placing a white background on an image. Before we look into how we can get our photo right onto a white background, we try to draft out some conventional methods of post-processing.

What Our Image Background Removal Service Are Used.

Enhancing your photo for e-commerce can only get better with the help of image background removal service by making it appealing to the customer’s view. The customers will have the opportunity to have a clean and unobstructed look of the photo displayed on e-commerce websites or listings or even company brochures. Many advertising agents, stores or photographers and many more within the designing industry seize the opportunity to use the service to its total potential.

Removing Existing Background:

It has to do with the removal of background which is present in a raw photo. What this means in a brief sense is that an environment will be cut out from a picture with the single product of the image left behind.


Adding Transparent Background:

Another excellent service we offer at CutThePhoto is Transparent background. The technique is a neat way of stacking many product images together for display or college. In this method, a cut-out portion is selected from a vision to leave the background transparent. A transparent background is also an excellent tool which is useful when it comes to getting a crystal view of a product in modeling, portrait or magazine. Fulfill this; the image file now converted from any format to PNG format. The use of transparent background can help also regard as photo masking service.

Photoshop Clipping Service Provider

Adding White Background:

CutThePhoto also offers a white background service. It is used to aggravate the image for your product in a way whereby the background will be removed and turned into a white surface. It will help the customers or viewers get a clearer picture of your product.

Adding Any Custom Background:

As a client, adding custom background to images will also help showcase its quality. Assuming a shot is taken and you later find out that the environment wasn’t to your taste or its too dull for your view. Using a custom background is one current option you'll want to go. At cut the photo, we have enough photo designers that are capable of converting your unpleasant environment to any customized environment that you care for by giving it good experiences to beautify your images.

Image Background Removal Services for E-commerce:

As it stands, requirement rules have been set by Amazon and eBay for seller's photography. Why working with us will be a great choice majorly because the photo retouches and designers that we have known every rule that binds photography and they follow all the requirements carefully. Starting with the clipping paths to the detachment of unwanted objects away from images and even the removal of the undesired background itself. All these services and many more are what we offer at best.

Background Removal Services Applied:

  • Shadow dropping
  • Removing the background
  • Colour correction of photo
  • Border fixing

Why Address Our Background Removal Service?

Some of the reasons why dealing with us will be worth opting for is because our delivery time is always prompt, we are still available for you every time,and you can comfortably rely on us. At cut the photo, we also reason along with your budget by making sure that our services are very pocket-friendly. For more opportunity to learn about how to naturally apply a clipping path or how you can use Photoshop to make your background transparent, you can read our articles which are available in the blog. CutThePhoto specialists have tried to give out their knowledge about e-commerce photo industry for you to gain one or two things.

With the help of the pen tool, our professional designers have been able to use hand-drawn path by clearly and smoothly making a selection around an object for the perfect proper shape to be revealed. It has given a hand drawn collection an upper hand in Photoshop. It is said to be the best way of first selecting an object before the removal of the background. At cut the photo, we make sure that our background removal services are of exceptional quality.

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If you care to learn more about many other things or services you can get from CutThePhoto company or there are any other photo editing services you'll like to know more about, you can always reach us as it will be a privilege helping you manage your time as well as saving your money.


Very quick turn around and happy with the result. Would definitely recommend and work with them again! — Steven Braun