Professional Photo Cutout Service

The demand of cut out photo is huge. Nowadays, a lot of Photo cutout service are offered in the industry. The use of pictures as a medium for marketing and promotions is the reason for this growing demand. At CutThePhoto, we will cutout the background from the picture, add a new background, and do other things quite easily. The team of photo editors at CutThePhoto are experts and know how to use many advanced tools. All of this is done to have high-quality photo results.

Our experts are highly trained and are capable of dealing with all kinds of photo editing projects. The project could be hard or huge in size, but our experts handle it perfectly. They can also make your pictures look good, by providing many other services like Product Photo Editing, Photoshop Image Masking,Clipping Path Service, Photoshop Color Correction, Photo Retouching, Cropping & Resizing Images.

What is Photo Cut-Out / Background Remove Service?

Professional Photo Cut Out Service

Photo CutOut and Picture Background Removal Service is vital when it comes to editing images or pictures. This is one of the best techniques to CutOut an Image from its background and create a new picture from an old one, This process can be done by the Photoshop and Illustrator tools. So you can make your photo more attractive and shiny by applying the picture Cutout technique.

If you don't have time to edit your photo then leave your image to Cut The Photo, a Photoshop ninja brand that offers professional cutout image and photo retouching services at reasonable prices. You have come to the right place if you have an interest in Image Cut Out Service or Photo Background Remove Service Provider. We aim to transform your images into something remarkable with lots of impressions that will increase engagement and profits. We work very hard to make your photos look perfect, So it will help you to sell more in the online marketplace.

Types of Photoshop Cutout Services

There are four main kinds of Cutout image services offered by us:

Basic Photo Cut Out Service

Basic Photo Cutout

A basic type of photo cut-out service needs a single path along with straight curves and no holes in the image. It can be applied on: Rectangular shapes, Round shapes, Small curved shapes like as single sports items with basic & solid shape,single spare parts, mobile phone,computer hardware,CD/DVD cover, credit cards, box and others

Easy Photo Cut Out Service

Easy Photo Cutout

Easy/Simple Photo Cut-out can be applied on curvy products which consist of a hole like a number of glasses & bottles of wine, ring, camera, shoes, sunglass watch, handbags, isolated clothes or apparel (not worn), dress materials etc. In easy cutout, the amount of curves and anchor points of the trail is larger than basic image Cut out

medium photo cut out service

Medium Photo Cutout:

Medium Picture Cut-out can be applied on images with many curves which can have a number of hole and design. The number of anchor points is fairly more compared with a simple cutout. The pictures may have some embedded transparency also known as holes. This service works on these kinds of products: foods, bracelets, motor parts, drugs & medication, cosmetics, and fashion items.

Complex Photo Cut Out Service

Complex Photo Cutout:

This service is applied on complex and compound shaped images. It can also be used on group photos, products with holes, design and closed path photos. Products like these can be cutout by this service: jewelry, furniture, fur doll,flying hair, cycle, kitchenware & kitchen appliances taken in group shot, trees, landscapes, flowers, etc.

Who needs Professional Image Cutout Services?

Cut out image

Real Estate: We have the best cut out image background service for people in real estate business. We are experts in making your photos come to life.

Photo Editing Agency: Our professional image cutout services will be perfect for people in photo editing agency. It is time-saving and lessens the effort too.

Ecommerce: Our cut out services will help people in ecommerce business. We will process a big number of photos to give great outputs.

Photographers:  We make sure our editors make the photographers images, picture perfect.

Event Manager:  Photo editing services are used by these companies the most. Our photoshop expert works hard to remove background from images and make it more attractive.

Photo Editor:  Photo editors need to do a huge amount of editing regularly. Our service can help lessen their workload.

Others:  Photo cutout service is also provided in Photoshop. Other kinds of photo cut out services are also provided by us, like removing white background in Photoshop.

Automated Vs. Professional Picture Cut Out Services

It can be hard to make a good decision. A free automated Picture Cut Out service or a pricey professional photo cut-out service would be better? The first service is free, but it can be seen as average. However, the priced version is way better than the free one. Why should a person choose a professional service compared to an automated service? We have tested both the tools on differently shaped products and multiple background colors. Here are the results observed:


  • Can fulfil all of clients requirements
  • Images look professional
  • Photo editing process is very simple, just upload, play and download
  • High quality results
  • Takes less time and increases work speed


  • Takes time to edit many images
  • Result is of low quality
  • Cannot fulfil all of clients requirements
  • Photos look average
  • Photos are edited and managed one at a time
Cut out Image

Save Money and Time by Using Our Image Cutout Service

You can save a lot of time and money, by outsourcing our image cutout service. It is important to maintain the quality of work with a huge workload.  We work hard in giving equal priority to all the projects, big or small. An individual can easily edit a few pictures a day.A problem arises when he has to edit a huge amount of images; this is when he needs professional help.  We take pride in providing our clients with:

  • Fast turnaround time
  • Affordable Price
  • Never-ending support
  • Professional quality

We are also very affordable in terms of prices. Our prices begin at US$ 0.50 for every product image clipping which usually takes 10 minutes to clip/edit on average. We have a standard 24-hour turnaround. Please contact us if you have urgent and bulk projects.