Photo Retouching Services

CutThePhotos offers professional photo retouching services perfectly meeting the needs of photographers. As many professional and beginner photographers, want to get their photos edited perfectly in less time. Colour adjustment, photo touch up, beauty service, jewelry retouching all comes under this service.

The image editing services are for those photographers interested in:

  1. Portrait photography.
  2. Real Estate photography.
  3. Wedding photography.
  4. ECommerce photography.
  5. Landscape photography.
  6. New born baby’s photography.
Professional image retouching services of CutThePhoto will be the best choice for people in this business. Contact us for our services because they are:

  • Quick Tournaround
  • Low-cost
  • Professional Work

Types of Photo Retouching Services

We offer all kinds of photo retouching services for our client’s need. These services could be basic or moderate. We have divided our photo retouching services into four categories, these are:

Portrait Retouching Services

Photo retouching makes your digital photos stunning and increases its quality. For this kind of service, Photoshop is the best tool to edit pictures. Portrait retouching is done based on each person’s creativity. However, it also includes some tasks which need to be applied to every image like:

  • Makeup fixing.
  • Colour correction
  • Smoothing skin flaws
  • Fixing eyes imperfections.

Portrait retouching service is surely chosen the most by photographers. We work hard to make our client’s memories perfect. We have a team of skilled professionals extremely good at Graphic Designing. They spend their time wisely and work hard to get the best results.

Wedding Photo Retouching Service

Wedding Photo Retouching Service

For every person, their wedding day is the most important event in their lives. After getting your wedding pictures, you might want to get them retouched. The purpose of this to make the images stand out.

This service is also for photographers who have a very busy shoot schedule. They can’t spend their time editing all by themselves. It’s best to focus on their photography and leave the editing part to professional editors like us.

We have quite a few years’ experiences in wedding photo retouching service. We offer our services at very low cost. You should not worry about your pictures being leaked. Your images are safe with us. We promise to never disclose or misuse your photographs.

The following techniques will be applied in wedding photography

  1. Stray hair removal.
  2. Colour correction
  3. Removing wrinkles
  4. Object highlight, vibrancy and contrast adjustment
  5. Skin retouching
  6. Body liquefying

Product Retouching Service

Due to product retouching, products stand out and grab the attention of those looking at them. It is very important to make the product eye-catching. It can help the buyer make an easy decision. The photos should be attractive enough so they can convince people to buy them.

The following services are offered in product retouching:

  1. Removal of blinks.
  2. Shape correction
  3. Removal of defects
  4. Texture Highlight
Product Photo Retouching Service
Jewelry Retouching Service

Jewellery Retouching Service

Photoshop, the image editing software, helps in retouching the images of jewellery. Its main aim is to make the jewellery look high quality and expensive. This can be done through colour and light correction. It also helps in removing spots and brightening the stones. Jewellery retouching services are oftenneeded for commercial use.

We promise to deliver eye-catching pictures, which attracts the customer so much that they actually buy it. Jewellery photography services are quite hard, and it takes a lot of effort and time. People in jewellery business make sure their jewellery is advertised with utter perfection.

The following services are offered in jewellery retouching:

  1. Contrast adjustment
  2. Colour correction
  3. Shadow improvement
  4. Removal of spots
  5. Background retouching
  6. Natural retouching
  7. Adding extra shine to jewellery
  8. Paying attention to main stones
  9. Removal of defects

What is a Photoshop Retouching Service?

Photo retouching service is the most famous editing service of this time. This service helps refine a photo. It removes unwanted objects from your photograph. If you find some flaws, they can be easily edited out by photo retouching.

This service can be used for removing many things such as:

  • Hard edges
  • Spots from jewelry
  • Marks from skin
  • Spots from tires

It can also be used to make hard edges or objects smooth.

Retouching offers these kinds of services:

  1. Lighting enhancement
  2. Colour correction
  3. Portrait retouching
  4. Make-up enhancements
  5. Skin retouching
  6. Hair masking
  7. Eyes retouching
  8. Glamour retouching
  9. Wrinkles removal

Professional Image Retouching Around the World

We get many questions about the location of our company. Do we provide services to client located outside USA? We are an online photo editing services; we provide services to people around the world. We are currently based in New York, USA.


We also work for photographers present in:

  • Italy
  • US states
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • New Zealand
  • Spain
  • China
  • Australia and Others


If you don’t find your country’s name in this list, don’t worry. All you need to do is contact us. We are more than willing to offer our services worldwide.

Why Should You Take Photo Retouch Services from Us?

We provide a number of photo retouching services, which not only make your work stand out, but also meetyour demands. We work with commercial along with non-commercial clients. So if you have a business or personal need, we are here to offer both. Our team contains skilled experts and they carry out their jobs perfectly. We make sure your work is completed before time as well. Our services are of low cost, with quality guarantee. What more can you ask for?