What Is a Ghost Mannequin or a Neck Joint Service?

Through ghost mannequin service,the image of a front part of a dress is joined to the photo of the back part of the dress worn by a mannequin. This process is useful when you are selling a dress online, and you need to upload a picture of the dress on your website. To take a picture of a dress and post in on the website you need a mannequin or a doll to display the clothes on. After taking the picture of the dress worn by the mannequin or doll, you need to remove the doll from the picture of the dress. Then all you have to do is take the main dress picture and join it the neck part of the photo. This is called ghost mannequin service or neck joint service.

Ghost Mannequin Service or Image Manipulation Service is for improving the look and feel of the image. It is important for the cloth image editing service. There are a number of Image Manipulation Services in the market. However, Invisible Mannequin Service, Ghost Mannequin Service, Cloth Image Editing Service, and Neck Join Service are the most famous services.

What does a ghost mannequin service do?

This service is also called invisible manikin service and is known to photograph many pictures in little time. We also give product images a 2D/3D effect by ghost mannequin services. These effects can be used on cardigans, swimsuits, shorts, dresses and many more.

In the first step, a photographer takes pictures of a standard manikin with clothes from different angles. The photo is then edited to remove the mannequin and its background. Editing can be performed by any kind of software, so a ghost-like an effect can be seen. This step needs an image editing team that has the basic skill to provide you with this service. Photo editors provide the following ghost manikin Photoshop services:

  1. Removing manikin
  2. Texture and style highlight
  3. Joining the front and back of the clothes
  4. Intensifying colours
  5. Background Removal
Photoshop Ghost mannequin Service

Who Is in Need of a Ghost Mannequin Service?

If you sell clothes online or have a business of selling fashionable clothes, then you need a neck joint service. This is used to make your clothes look beautiful and stunning. Pictures displaying clothes on a mannequin or a doll never look good. Store owners take time in perfecting the pictures of their clothes, through neck joint service to grow product sale.

The use of neck joint service is extremely common for e-commerce or dress photographers. They regularly use ghost mannequin service to perfect their images, before uploading it on the website. We are the best solution for all the photographers using these services. Our designers make sure that importance is given to every client’s requirements and demands. Our current clients are very happy with our services. If you want to test the quality of our services, then you should check our free trial service.

Why Should You Choose Cut for Image Manipulation Service?

We provide our clients with professional image manipulation services like neck join and ghost mannequin service. We also make sure the delivery of high-quality support. Unwanted composition objects will be removed professionally. It will then be joined with a portion of the image to make it stand out. We also edit out dull and pointless colors present in the old image. All in all, you will be provided with a top quality image perfect for your needs.